Custom Application Development

I work for a department that manages 26 properties across the area.  I get a yearly budget at the beginning of the year, but I have no idea where I stand each month until I get a statement well after the month is over.  I need to be able to tell how much money I have committed as well as how much I have spent.  And I need to be able to make entries from several workstations at the home office as well as several at the plant.

A Microsoft Access program will be developed using the budget accounting codes already set up.  The program will use a shared database model multi-user architecture.  The database from the main office will be uploaded to the plant twice a week and the entries made at the plant will be integrated into the main office database before the copy is sent back to the plant.  At least until the WAN gets working.

We build steel buildings.  The present by hand system of estimating and diagramming the panels in very man-hour intensive.  Most of the panels are repetitious, and the diagrams can be shared.  In addition, we have a list of common occurring bent bars that we type up over and over.  Can we make a system that divides the panels up into truck loads for delivery?

Develop a system that saves every panel you create.  The panels can be copied to new jobs, or used a templates for the present job.  Once a panel has been declared a template, changes made to the template affect every panel based on it.  Bent bars can be added to the Bend library as they are entered into an estimate.  Once in the Bend library they can be painlessly re-used in other estimates.  Panels can be added to delivery loads until the weight limit is reached.  Once a load is marked as ordered, it cannot be ordered again.

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