Custom Software


This is a add-on to the Radionics ReadyKey access control system and the Laminex ID Vision access card system.  This program extends visual verification to remote desktops.  In effect is shows a picture for each access card scanned at a particular door.  It also produces a list of all card holders that management can use to identify employees.

This program was in developed in conjunction with the Security Department of the Virginian Pilot, and is in use at it's local headquarters here in Norfolk, VA.  This is also the headquarters of Landmark Communications, owner of the Weather Channel and other media properties.  It handles over 1,400 employees in five different geographic locations.


This is an add-on the the Radionics ReadyKey access control program as well.  It allows employees to scan their access cards and deduct their cafeteria purchase from their paychecks.  Special discounts periods can be defined and applied.  A free meal incentive program, fourteenth meal free, is available as well.  It handles multiple payroll departments.

This was developed in conjunction with and is in use at the Virginian Pilot/Landmark Communications headquarters in Norfolk, VA.


This is a multi-user system to track leads for a remodeling contractor.  It provides sales reports, lead logs and employee activity.

This was developed in conjunction with a local remodeling contractor in Virginia Beach, VA.


A program for managing the budget of a facilities department maintaining many buildings in many locales.

This program was developed for a local newspaper's facilities department.

Steel Building Estimating

A program for estimating and producing an engineer's report for building large steel frame buildings.  The system tracks loads delivered for each job.  Jobs can be cloned, or templated.

This program was developed for a steel building company in Florida.


This program manages collections.  It catalogs commercial CD, DAT, MD, CDR, cassette, electronic music and magazine.  It manages the CD's stored in the large storage CD players.  Tracks source lineage for live show trading.  Produces HTML documents of your trading list to post on the Internet.  Tracks and manages trades and trees.  Tracks storage method so reduce search time in locating a particular piece of music or magazines.

The program was developed to use to manage the thousand of discs, tapes and albums I own and listen to, as well as my extensive library of guitar and music publications.

Time Billing and Bookeeping

Produces Invoices and track payments for a time billing business.  Also includes bookkeeping functions as well a contact list management.

This program was produced in house to aid in the management of Goodman Enterprises, and has been successfully adapted to other lines of business as well.

Copyright 2003  Jeffrey B. Goodman. All rights reserved.
Revised: May 20, 2005 .