Why the FreeClaims Project?

In my professional career, I have held many positions in the computer service and insurance adjusting industries.  Some of the jobs I enjoyed and some were pure drudgery. 

In September of 1999, I turned full time to computer services.  Network support and installation and computer consulting became my bread and butter.  I still had a few clients for whom I wrote custom software, as well as selling computer hardware and third party software.

Application development on a non-custom basis, I did not see as possible due to the cost of development and support. So I did not give application development much thought, since it was my goal to remain a one man shop.

As time progressed and I raided my insurance application for code to use in my other development projects, I began to see how much effort I had put into these insurance applications.

It was a shame, I decided, to let these applications gather dust on the shelf.  And since application development is what I enjoy, I began to think of ways I could do the work I enjoy as well as benefit the insurance adjusting industry.

The FreeClaims Project is the result.


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Revised: May 20, 2005 .