Computer Hardware

I can build whatever sort of computer you require.  From a AMD processor in an micro ATX case to a dual processor RAID 5 redundant power supplied server.  

I use AOpen parts and Acer laptops, although I can get almost anything.  

I can get all computer peripherals as well.

*** NOTE ***

I supply computers to my customers as a convenience.  I WILL NOT be the cheapest guy around.  I do not do the volume to compete with the big boys.  The biggest advantage to getting your hardware from me is that when it breaks, I know how to fix it.  With all the bundled software, application and utilities that come on name brand (HP, CompUSA, Dell, Etc) computers it is a labyrinthine nightmare to figure out what is going on.  Some of these companies consider installation of DSL or a cable modem as an unsupported configuration.

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