Insurance Software


Foundations of the software family

Common Data Structure

Multi-user capabilities

A multi-user adjusting company management system.  This system has an integrated diary system that automatically drops entries at certain milestones in the claims lifespan, such as Date File received, Date assigned, Date closed, Date Payment received.  A invoicing system produces invoices for the carriers while crediting the adjusters a user defined amount.

There are three interfaces to the database.  The administrative interface, StormCentral, contains all the capabilities of the system.  The call center interface, CallCentral, facilitates phone center operations, making diary entries and directing calls to adjusters.  AccountCentral, the accounting interface, exposes the accounts receivables and payroll functions to facilitate receipt of checks and calculation of commissions.

A multi-user adjuster claims management system. This system produces all the paperwork needed to close an insurance claim.  Property report, File time sheet, statement of loss, photo sheets, building and contents estimate, ALE sheets, and replacement cost agreements.  The system produces all the NFIP forms as well.

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