Computer Training

We just put the entire company on DSL.  I need a class to give my employees on proper virus protection and e-mail etiquette.

I have a short class prepared on virus info, virus scanners and proper virus definition updating.  E-mail etiquette is covered, as is the proper business use of the Internet.

We purchased NT Server and Exchange Server.  How do I set up shared contact lists and calendars.  I need my employees to be able to send and receive email from their desktops. 

I can train your in-house administrator in the basics of Exchange administration.  Outlook training will be required for the employees, who will be able to access the shared resources as well as their own private data.

We have enough computers now that I am sick of paying you for routine maintenance.  Can you train someone to do the basic hardware maintenance?

Instruction is available on PC upgrades and repair.  This is often the most frequent and frustrating part of Information Technology, and I will be glad to train anyone you have, so as to not have to do it myself.

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