The database structure

Every application in the family is based on the same data structure.

Each of the software applications use the same database structure.  This facilitates data exchange, allowing the systems to communicate with each other.  At the moment, the best example of this is the import/export function in the program.  With the use of the export database, a complete claim can be transfered to another computer, to be edited or turned in. 

This database structure is posted along with the program.  This structure is capable of handling many aspects of a claim.  While not comprehensive, this database was designed to be flexible and expandable.

This data structure may be used as a "first attempt" at a comprehensive data standard for the insurance industry.  It goes far beyond a "loss notice - payment summary" type of data standard

The database presently uses the Microsoft Jet database engine. 

The database that became the Jet database structure has already been upsized into Microsoft SQL Sever.  While not containing the most recent revisions added to the data structure, it forms a basis of a true client/server or n-tier backend.  This avenue leads to an web-enabled application as bandwidth increases.

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