Downloading Claims2002

The FTP server for my site seems very picky about browsers accessing the FTP site.

If you have a FTP program, just go to  Log in with the username and password of "claims2002."

You can try the download from your browser as well.  The site seems to let some browsers in and not others.  You can try to click on this link  

What my brief investigation into accessing this site has yielded is that if your browser appends a slash on the end of the address, the FTP site will not let you in.  In other words, if the typed address is "" the FTP site will not allow the browser access.  If the typed address is "" then the FTP site will let the browser in.  Some browsers always want to append the "/".  Once in, a username and password of "claims2002" are required to access the software.

As of 7-23-2003 the claims2002 program is posted.  This should change in the very near future.

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