How is this going to work.

The program will be posted for free download at  Anyone interested can download and install as many copies of the program as they see a need for.

Installation instructions will be posted on the site as well.  Over time, discussion boards and user groups should be able to aid in the installation and training procedures.

All updates made to the system will be posted on the website.  This allows the pooling of the cost for custom revisions.  If an adjuster goes to work for a new company that requires a new format property report, and other adjusters use the system as well. they could split the cost of having the form and report developed.  Once developed, the new forms will be included in the version of the program on the web site so all user can benefit from the update.

Updates to the stormcentral,com/theadjuster program only affect the executable part of the program.  This means the data on your hard drive will be retained through the update process.

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Revised: May 20, 2005 .