Jeff Goodman


Work experience
1994 - Present

Goodman Enterprises                Virginia Beach, VA


    Design, develop and implement software solutions for vertical markets using MS Access.  Installation and administration of Windows NT based networks.  Computer hardware sales, maintenance and repair.  Computer training and instruction.

    Commercial solutions include catastrophe adjusting company claims management, catastrophe adjuster claims management, facilities department budget tracker, steel building estimating system.

    Other applications: time billing accounting/bookkeeping system, music collection management software.


1994-1998 Catastrophe Adjuster, Various Companies

GAB-Robins, Ward/THG, Century Adjusting, CJET Corporation, Freestate Adjusting and others

Handle storm related insurance claims in various locales after various storms.

Flood - Beaufort, SC 10/94 thru 11/94 - Thomas Howell Group

Windstorm - San Francisco, CA  3/95 thru 4-95 GAB Robins

Hail - Ft. Worth, TX  5-95 thru 6-95  GAB Robins

Hurrincane Erin - Pensacola FL 8-95 thru 9-95  GAB Robins

Hurricance Opal - Pensacola FL 10-95 thru 11-95 GAB Robins

Hurricance Opal clean up - Dothan AL 11-95 Ward/THG

Tornadoes and Hail - Louisville, KY 5-96 thru 8-96 GAB Robins

Hurricane Fran - Wilmington, NC 9-96 thru 1-97 Century Adjusting.

Hail - Va Beach, VA 7-97 thru 4-98 CJET Corporation


1989 - 1999 

CJET Corporation                     Va. Beach, VA

President until January 1999

Manager January 1999-September 1999

    Oversaw maturation of a computer software company into an independent catastrophe insurance adjusting company.

    Develop, implement, support and train end users on a property estimating system used to determine damage to residences and light commercial buildings.

    Research, plan, acquire, install, trouble-shoot and administer a 25-client Fast Ethernet MS Windows NT based network, using both Exchange Server and SQL Server.

    Manage and integrate financial data from remote offices to main office.

    Perform accounting/bookkeeping functions for seven employees and over twenty-five independent contractors, including all payroll and tax return filings.



May 1988      

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University  Blacksburg, VA

Bachelor Of the Sciences Computer Science

    Focus on problem solving and system design

June 1986                     

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University  Blacksburg, VA

Bachelor Of the Arts Political Science

    Focus on problem solving and political systems


Technology Experience

Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, Windows NT4.0, Windows 9X, MS-DOS

Development Environments:  MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS Office, Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal

Member of:  Microsoft Developers Network Universal Subscription, Microsoft TechNet, Microsoft Direct Access


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