The Veracity Factor

The veracity factor is that factor which multiplied by what someone says, equals what is actually true.

For instance take Wilt Chamberlain's, rest his soul, claim to have slept with over 20,000 women in his life.  I did the math when he first made that claim, and if he started on the day that he turned 15, it breaks down to three women every two days, for forty years.  A veracity factor is in order.

Veracity factors can be tabulated across time to form a veracity co-efficient for a individual.  This veracity co-efficient can be used to judge the truthfulness of a person's statements as they are made, rather than as the statements truthfulness becomes obvious over time.

We have all met the fast talker whom tells you he does everything better than everyone else, but never seems to be very successful.  Like the small business owner with a scheme to rule the world that has trouble making payroll.  Like the big-belt-buckle adjuster who claims to close twice as many files as other adjusters receive.  Like the water cooler Romeo with all the tales, but no dates.

I pains me to tell you that I know people with veracity co-efficient of less that 0.15.  It is these people that are to be avoided, especially in the business world. 

People being what they are, I do not believe a veracity factor of 1.0 to be attainable, but I have known people who might be in the 0.9's.

People who speak the truth are hard to find and are to be treasured when they are found.

This has led to the creation of my favorite blessing, "May you be surrounded by people with veracity co-efficients of greater than 0.9, and never be dependent on MS Windows 9x."

Copyright 2001  Jeffrey B. Goodman. All rights reserved.
Revised: November 27, 2001 .