Why Goodman Enterprises?
Diverse Educational Disciplines
I have a Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Science and a Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science.  The computer science degree taught me problem solving abilities in the technical world.  The political science degree, a liberal arts degree, taught problem solving abilities in the human world, or, quite often, why the problem solving process will not work in a system besotted with special interests.  The computer degree taught me how to design a solution and implement it in the computer environment.  The political science taught me how to evaluate problems in human terms.  No matter how good a technical solution is, if people will not use it, it does no one any good.

This combination of a highly technical degree and a liberal arts degree allows me to consider all sides of a potential solution.  The computer degree taught me to be able to produce a computer program from a solution design.  The political science degree taught me to look at problems, the effect they have on people and the potential results a solution would have on many diverse groups.  It also taught me to be able to present these ideas in words, both written and spoken, so that they may be learned easier by the people who require the solutions.  While many a programmer can implement a design, can they get the ideas represented by the design to the end users?  It is the rare computer expert who can communicate technical ideas to the layman.

It is my opinion that the human side of software development is not considered nearly enough at the design stage.  Overly complex software scares or at least intimidates the end users, thereby alienating the people it is supposed to help.


Varied Work Experience
  I have experience in almost all parts of the Information Technology, except for web page design and implementation.  And since I developed this web page, I am now learning that as well.  I have designed software, implemented software designs, built computers, repaired computers, designed, acquired and implemented computer networks both in a local area (LAN) scenario and a wide area (WAN) scenario.  I have written user manuals and tutorial, as well as planned and executed software training for groups as well as individuals.

I have experience in many phases of the storm adjusting industry as well.  I have worked as an adjuster's assistant, storm adjuster, Independent Adjusting company manager, a president of a storm adjusting company, as well as a software consultant to an insurance carrier.

This variety of roles allows me to see the many ways an information technology system affect the operation of a business.  To successfully produce information solutions, the needs of the data entry clerk, the adjuster, the independent adjusting company manager and the carrier itself rquire consideration.   If a proposed solution does not satisfy the needs of all of these roles, it may not be the correct solution.


It's Just Me
No corporate structure here to hide behind.  If you deal with Goodman Enterprises, you deal with me, Jeff Goodman.  No "my secretary sent it last week".  No "It must have been lost in shipping".  No "I need to talk to my partners and see what they think".  No "Let me check with my supervisor".

It also means that when you order a computer, the network administrator is aware of the hardware you are thinking or purchasing.  If you are considering a new application, the trainer is aware of what has to be taught to the end users, and how that will affect the adjusters.  It is issues such as these that cause major headaches.

When something goes wrong, you know where to look.  I am not perfect, and I have made mistakes.  What is more important to me, is how do we recover from a mistake.  Much time is wasted in corporate America is the placing of blame when a mistake is made.  To me, a mistake should be acknowledged and learned from.  What can we do next time to get it right?


A Belief in Design
Large amounts of time and money are wasted in business due to a lack of design.  Ill considered solutions are decided on, implemented and then discarded without ever sitting down and determining the extent and parameters of the problem.  This leads to throwing away the most valuable asset that a company has, its labor and money.  

I worked with a fellow who was very interested in being able to download assignment to the adjusters from the independent adjusting company.  They worked flood files and correctly assumed that this would be a selling point to potential adjusters.  Technically this is not difficult, and I have done it for several applications.  

The problem was elsewhere.  When a claim arrived at this company, the requisite fields were input so that the claims could be managed.  While all the identifying fields were entered for this claim, the flood background was not.  So to input all the flood information so that the adjusters would not have to, would require the hiring of many more data entry clerks to input this information.  If I had done as the man requested, he would have had problems finding the additional personnel, computers and training to required to make this happen.  He would have increased his costs greatly and increased his revenues not at all.  This is highly contrary to good business practice.  Now, if the carrier could send the assignments to him electronically, then we have another story.  A brief design review pointed this out immediately.

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